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Neil Braverman

"Jeff has spearheaded our quest for the best horses we can find" says Neil.  "We've had a spectacular success with such horses as FA El Rasheem, whom we sold to Dubai Arabian Stud; with *Honey's Delight RB, who brought us roses as US National Champion Mare; Conquest BR, who swept all major yearling colt awards last year including Scottsdale Junior Champion Colt, Las Vegas World Cup Gold Champion Yearling, and US National Champion Yearling Colt.  Now owning a part of RH Triana is a great opportunity for me, and I'm excited to share this with the other new partners that  Jeff has assembled in her ownership."  

Neil take part in the following partnerships within the Aria Collection:

  • Truest Partners, LLC
  • Triana Holdings, LLC
  • Quintessa Partners, LLC
  • El Rasheem Group LLC
  • Conquest BR Partners LLC

*** Below are photos of a few of the horses Neil owns in partnership with The Aria Collection


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