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Conquest BR


(Versace × Lee Anna Psy)

2013 Bay Purebred Arabian Colt

Part of the Aria Collection

2014 Scottsdale Junior Champion Colt - Unanimous

2014 ScottsdaleChampion Classic Yearling Colt of April 16-July31 

2014 Arabian World Cup  Supreme GOLD Champion Yearling Colt - Unanimous

2014 Arabian World Cup Junior Colt Champion

2014 US National Champion Arabian Yearling Colt - high score of the show with 398.5

Versace Fame VF+ Bey Shah+ Bay El Bey++
Star of Ofir
Raffoleta-Rose Raffon++
Leta Rose
Precious As Gold *El Shaklan Shaker El Masri
Autumn In Gold Classy McCoy+++/
Lee Anna Psy Padrons Psyche *Padron Patron
Kilika *Tamerlan
WA Marlaina Lee Bey Shah+ Bay El Bey++
Star of Ofir
Hanah Lee Valeroso
Large Large Large Large Large