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Art Dekko TT


(Audacious PS × HC Amareea)

2003 Bay Purebred Arabian Stallion

OWNED by the Art Dekko Partners 

2015 Arabian National Breeder Finals First Place 10 & Over Stallion

2015 Arabian Breeders World Cup Champion Stallion 9 years and older

Art Dekko is an exotic black bay stallion whose time has come. Acquired in late 2013, Aria International is proud to add this incredible stallion to our program. It seems in today's market, one has to choose between the pursuit of extreme type or the route to create a Scottsdale Champion whose style is more rooted in long high set necks, clean elegant throats and strong sloping shoulders. With Art Dekko, one has the opportunity to pursue not one style or the other but to truly have it all. He's a Reserve United States National Champion Senior Stallion and a Silver Supreme World Cup Champion Stallion at Las Vegas. We look forward to breeding some of our best mares to Art Dekko in 2015 and welcome you to do the same. 

Audacious PS Fame VF Bey Shah Bay El Bey++
Star of Ofir
Raffoleta-Rose Raffon
Leta Rose
Hal Flirtatious Hal Gazal Eleuzis
Al-Ra Pentar Ibn Antar
HC Amareea Echo Magnifficoo Aladdinn Echo *Aladdinn
SS Magnolia AN Magno
SS Soufianna
HC Amareekha MFA Mareekh Amir El Mareekh
MFA Monien
Balleryna Jora Honey Ku
Large Large Large Large Large