2017 Scottsdale Reserve Champion Stallion
2015 U.S. National Champion Junior Stallion
2015 U.S. National Champion Futurity Colt
2015 Arabian Breeders World Cup Supreme SILVER Champion Junior Stallion
2015 Scottsdale Unanimous Champion Three-Year-Old Colt

SCID clear, CA Negative
AHA Breeders Sweepstakes
Scottsdale Signature Nominated

OWNED by the Truest Partners, LLC

“Seeing Truest competing for top honors in the Scottsdale Stallion Championship was a defining moment for me” Says partner Norm Pappas

“Truest is very special to me. I am very close to him – he is the sweetest, kindest horse and he cam ethrough for us in a big way in Scottsdale. A lot of new people come into the breed and like the feeling, the atmosphere that goes with owning Arabians, but very few get to watch their colt win his class unanimously and the n go on to capture the Scottsdale Reserve Championship. Many owners wait a lifetime for that.” Says partner Tony Shooshani

“I was thrilled with Truest’s performance at Scottsdale. He really stepped up to the plate, and people embraced him with such warmth. For me, Truest has the whole package – beautiful, kind, correct, and supremely bred. And while he clearly did well at the show, the exciting part is how the breeding community has shown such strong interest in using him as a sire.” Says trainer Greg Gallun.