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2015 Arabian Breeder World Cup Results

The 2015 Arabian Breeder World Cup in Las Vegas was spectacular!  Aria International took 6 of our strongest competitors to the show and all of them came home with a piece of the winnings!  A huge thank you to the 3 world class trainers that cared for our horses and assisted us in bringing home the roses as well as the catch handlers that helped in the finals.  The support and excitement of all our partners and we cheered on our horses together was unparralled to any one else!  We are so fortunate to have such a great group of people that all have the same passion and love for the Arabian Horse!

Art Dekko TT
Champion Stallion 9 years and over with David Boggs


RH Triana

Supreme GOLD Champion Senior Mare with David Boggs
                    Champion 5 year old Mare with David Boggs                     


BH Beijings Velvet
Reserve Champion 4 year old Mare with David Boggs


Aria Athena 
Supreme GOLD Champion Yearling Filly with Greg Gallun
                       Highest scoring yearling filly of the show!


Aria Qatars Angel
Supreme BRONZE Champion Junior Mare with Glenn Schoukens
                                Champion 3 year old Mare with Sandro Pinha


Supreme SILVER Champion Junior Colt with Greg Gallun
             Reserve Champion 3 year old Colt with Greg Gallun

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