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Arabian Horse Services

Aria International is a full service Arabian horse business. At Aria, we use our proven entrepreneurial skills and horse expertise to propel Aria and its client programs to the top of the Arabian horse industry. However, for us, the Aria experience is much more than business. It is a way of life. We celebrate our winners. We take pride in our breeding program, we travel the world to the most exotic and exciting destinations to partake in and to enjoy competitions and events, and we value our newfound friendships with those who share our common passion for the Arabian horse.

Once you become a member of the Aria family, we will guide you to create an Arabian horse program of your own tailor-made to meet your individual goals and expectations. With our full range of services at your disposal, you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like. We have long-standing working relationships with the best farms, the best trainers, the best reproductive specialists, and the most reputable agents. This network of skilled and respected professionals works closely with us to care for, train, breed, and market your horses.


Arabian Horse Acquisition

Whether the horse that you are searching for comes from the Aria collection, is acquired from another breeder, or is discovered in some remote corner of the globe, you can be assured that we will find it for you and that it will be the perfect Arabian horse for your desired level of investment and intended purpose. We are constantly in search of the best Arabian horses in the world, and have developed a broad and deep network of colleagues with whom we work closely. As a result of our valuable global network with premier farms, agents, and trainers, coupled with our own discerning eye and deep knowledge of pedigrees, we have carefully and insightfully assembled an unprecedented collection of elite Arabian horses for our client programs.

We are extremely proud to include the following outstanding horses as examples of the standard of excellence, the pride of ownership and the acknowledged achievements we have earned for our partners and clients. Among them they have earned numerous Scottsdale, World, and U.S. championships and many international titles: *ALMANARA DT, ARIA IMPRESARIO, *ELANDRA, *SASHAA LHT, LD PISTAL, *PIANISSIMA, *EMANDORIA, NBW ANGELS KISS & *HED CARAMBA, SHAEL DREAM DESERT, BAANDEROS, and MISS El POWER to name a few.

For us at Aria the process of owning a horse involves a lot more than just buying a horse. It begins with a conversation that identifies your goals and examines your expectations. Once there is a clear idea of those goals and expectations then we will be able to advise and assist you in the very best way. We will be happy to represent you in part or entirely with the purchase negotiations, contract matters, insurance coverage, and shipping – complete service from discovery to acquisition, from management to marketing and sales.


Arabian Horse Management Services

Once you acquire a horse or horses of your own, the Aria team will work with you to structure a program of the best horse care possible. We are ready to advise you on market values, stabling choices, insurance decisions and basic veterinary issues. We will connect you with pre-eminent trainers to show and promote your horse, noted reproductive specialists to manage your breeding program, and the most reputable and effective agents and marketers, who will work closely with us as we execute all aspects of your Arabian horse experience. And the best part is that you can be as involved as you’d like…everything from “in-the-barn hands on” to merely showing up to collect the ribbons in the winner’s circle!


Arabian Horse Marketing & Sales

Few programs the in the world have excelled at marketing and sales like the Aria program. In the last three years alone Aria has transacted millions of dollars in sales for its clients placing it in the top echelon of marketing and sales programs. We have achieved this success using a very simple formula: We strive to buy the very best and we are known for selling only the best. The Aria brand has been established as a luxe source for the world’s best Arabians and our website is one of the most visited and respected in the industry. All Aria-managed horses are campaigned under the Aria name in all aspects of the business and as such carry all of the prestige of the Aria International brand.


 Arabian Horse Concierge Services

We invite you to join us as we visit some of the world’s most exotic and exclusive locations for Arabian horse competitions and events. Each year, the calendar is filled with national and international events where the best horses and some of the world’s most fascinating and accomplished people gather to compete, learn about and simply enjoy the spectacle of the Arabian horse. This year we are planning trips to Brazil, Belgium, Jordan, Poland, Dubai, Paris, Australia, Brazil, and Buenos Aires to mention a few. If you travel with us you will receive invitations to private events and exotic destinations that will allow you to see the world in ways unique to a privileged few. The Aria team will plan the itinerary, make arrangements with hosts and tour guides and handle all of the logistics that are involved in experiencing these once in a lifetime trips.


Arabian Horse Educational Programs

The romantic history of the Arabian horse is woven tightly into the history of modern civilization. Each year, Aria International hosts several educational seminars based on the storied history of the Arabian horse. You will learn about the pedigrees and the bloodlines that have made history through the ages – right up to and including our great show horses of today. In addition, we present seminars on the business aspects of the Arabian horse experience. For each seminar we invite world renowned experts to join us to share their expertise.


Join Us!

You have already taken the first step towards enjoying the Arabian horse lifestyle by visiting our Aria website and learning about who we are and how we can assist you. Please take the time to discover the depth and breadth of the Aria program. We are delighted to offer a multitude of innovative opportunities through which you can be involved. If you would like to learn more we invite you to email (provide link) or phone us so that we can discuss in detail your interest in the Arabian horse. Aria is always ready to guide you in every step of the way on your personal journey with the Arabian horse. It is part of our mission to provide the very best service to our clients and partners. We expect your experience with Aria International to be first class, undoubtedly professional, and incredibly rewarding.

World-class, breathtakingly beautiful horses, fascinating and exceptional people, one-of-a-kind experiences - we seek to bring all of this together in the unique world we call Aria International.

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